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第四影院根据各大情报站获取到关于美国喜剧片《Step Sistes》于2018年上线,由知名导演查尔斯·斯通三世操导且有梅歌林·艾奇坤沃克/爱登·舍尔/琳登·史密斯/盖琦·格莱特利等一大波明星的豪华演员阵容联袂出演;DE4.NET搜集和编排整理了关于Step Sistes完整版全集720&1080P&1280P高清的非凡影音在线观看,同时支持电脑和手机观看Step Sistes,目前《Step Sistes》的最新状态为,更多有关于Step Sistes的播放资源和更新进度请及时关注第四影院。
片名:Step Sistes(2018) 拼音:
导演:查尔斯·斯通三世 主演:梅歌林·艾奇坤沃克/爱登·舍尔/琳登·史密斯/盖琦·格莱特利
语言:英语 地区:美国
状态: 更新时间:2018-02-07
分类:喜剧片 在线播放资源:非凡影音
Stone directed Drumline and will take the helm on the comedy about an ambitious black sorority girl who teaches a dance to a clique of Kardashian-obsessed white girls in order to get into the law school of her dreams.Chuck Hayward wrote the screenplay and Alvarez produces with Lena Waithe and Benjamin Cory Jones.“Much like he did with Drumline, Charles does an incredible job of bringing subcultures into the mainstream and we are excited to see him do the same thing with Ain’t No Half Steppin,” said Alvarez.“I just skimmed the surface of black Greek life in Drumline,” said Stone. “Ain’t No Half Steppin gives me a chance to delve deep into the art of competitive stepping.“Chuck and the producing team have put together a brilliant, smart comedy, which audaciously explores the dynamics and identity politics within black and white sororities.”Josh Reinhold will oversee the project on behalf of Matt Alvarez’ production company, while Lauren McCarthy will oversee for Broad Green.

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